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Collezione La Colonna


The collection comprises 266 works of art, mainly drawings and engravings, and documentation relating to the activities of La Colonna gallery in Milan.

In 2013 the heirs of the founder, Renata Usiglio, gave the Comune of Pelagio the use of the collection in a loan-for-use agreement. The collection is entirely dedicated to Italian realism of the 1950s, a movement that found in Usiglio a fundamental point of reference for more than ten years, from 1951 until 1962 when the gallery closed.
These works of art were the result of the network of friendships that the gallery owner skilfully wove around herself, with artists such as Renato Guttuso (16 paintings and drawings), Giacomo Manzù, Xavier Bueno, Domenico Cantatore, Carlo Levi, Aligi Sassu and Arnaldo Badodi.

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Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti,  Pelago

Toscana '900Collezione La Colonna

Museo Artistico Industriale Bitossi (MAIB)


This corporate museum was opened by the Fondazione Vittoriano Bitossi in 2003 to document the history of twentieth-century ceramics (particularly the second half of the century), based on the production of the Bitossi factory.

The 200 pieces in the collection are housed in two rooms of the historic building, which was the first home of Manifattura Maioliche Artistiche founded by Guido Bitossi in 1921. The pieces were mainly chosen to illustrate the evolution of the company’s style together with the instruments and equipment used in the workshop.

The museum organizes exhibitions about architects and designers who have collaborated with the company as well as solo exhibitions relating to an individual artist or ceramic manufacturer.
The museum is next door to the Bitossi archives, the Manifattura ITALICA ARS archives and the Aldo Londi archives. Londi was the creative director of the company for many years during which time he also changed the style of their ceramics.

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