Toscana '900

From the Municipal Collection of Contemporary Art: Marco Fidolini, Polyptychs

Casa Masaccio Contemporary Art Casa Masaccio – Casa Giovanni da San Giovanni, Palazzo d’Arnolfo, Pieve di San Giovani Battista, Museo della Basilica From 21 November to 31 December 2015 Curated by Giorgio di Genova With the project entitled From the Municipal Collection of Contemporary Art: Marco Fidolini, Polyptychs 1983-2015 (Metropolitan Epiphanies), the Casa Masaccio Museum

Soffici and Sironi. Silence and Disquiet

Location: The Ardengo Soffici and Italian 20th Century Art Museum, Poggio a Caiano (Prato) From 28 March to 19 July 2015 Curated by Luigi Cavallo For the programme of in-depth analysis of 20th century Italian Art, the Ardengo Soffici Museum is organising a documentary exhibition, curated by Luigi Cavallo, with 20 paintings by the maestro from

The 1900s. A Donation

Location: The “Raffaele De Grada” Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, San Gimignano From 21 December 2014 to 30 August 2015 Curated by Valerio Bartoloni and Anna Mazzanti San Gimignano’s civic art gallery recently acquired a bequest of 20th century Italian works of art from the late Florentine collector Gianfrancesco Pacchiani. This bequest – the result

SIGNS, GESTURES, MATTER. The Pieraccini donation’s works of art

Location: GAMC – The “Lorenzo Viani” Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, Viareggio Dates: 12 July 2015 to 12 July 2017 Curated by Alessandra Belluomini Pucci, Claudia Fulgeri and Gaia Querci The GAMC, Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea “Lorenzo Viani”, holds an important heritage consisting of over three thousand works of art, mainly thanks to private

Where are all these people going / Hasan Elahi – The Orwell Project

Location: MAGMA and the “A. Modigliani” Gallery, Follonica Dates: 5 July to 5 September 2015 Respectively curated by Studio Azzurro and Karin Gavassa The installation by Studio Azzurro, Where are all these people going, consists of three automated glass doors welcoming viewers by opening wide in a friendly manner, as if not opposing their presence. Hasan Elahi’s work addresses

Creative Production. Tuscany and Italian Design 1950-1990

Location: Ragghianti Foundation – St. Micheletto Monumental Complex, Lucca From 13 June to 1 November 2015 Curated by Gianni Pettena, Davide Turrini and Mauro Lovi The Ragghianti Foundation is sponsoring an exhibition focused on relations between a culture of project management and the productive world in Tuscany from the fifties to the present.

The 20th Century’s Legacy. Art and Design in Livorno’s Civic Collections

Locations: Giovanni Fattori Civic Museum – Granai di Villa Mimbelli, Livorno as well as the Livorno Foundation’s exhibition centres Dates: From 5 September to 31 October 2015 Curated by: Mattia Patti and Antonella Capitanio These are two exhibitions held in two prestigious locations, both aimed at evoking the city’s strong vocation for contemporary art. The exhibitions