The museum of Fucecchio, which re-opened in 2004 in its new home in the Fattoria Corsini, has a section dedicated to Arturo Checchi (1886–1971), painter, engraver, sculptor and native of Fucecchio.

On the first floor of the building, beyond the museum of sacred art, is a room that houses the works donated by the artist to his native city. They are mainly from his first period, with a focus on the places and affections relating to his family.
Of interest are the Self-portrait of 1908 and the portrait of his wife and muse Zena Fettucciari, both expressing that formal restraint and gestural vigour that characterized the artist’s style. A further group of works by Arturo Checchi is held by the Fondazione Montanelli Bassi in Fucecchio.

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