This collection was given to the local council in 1999 by Angiolini Martini, an engineer and art collector from Massa Marittima.
It comprises about 700 paintings, drawings and graphic designs, from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It has found a permanent home, where the work can be shown in rotation, in the museum of San Pietro all’Orto.

The work in the collection was purchased on the art market and is quite heterogeneous, being the result of the personal taste of an art lover, often not backed up by any particular knowledge about the painters and the trends of the period. There have been a few problems of authenticity, not unusual in private collections and in any case an indication of changing tastes.
There are nevertheless a number of good quality works — post-Macchaioli, Italian pop art, Italian Transavantgarde, from artists such as Viani, Gentilini, Bueno, Guttuso, Possenti, Cassinari, Squillantini, Nespolo.

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