Puccini’s villa at Torre del Lago, still today belonging to the family, is a fine historic house museum. Preserved here are his hunting rifles and manuscripts, as is — in the drawing room — the Maestro’s pianoforte.

Giacomo Puccini had bought the house in 1899, but the pre-existing building was completely demolished and rebuilt on the lines of a plan that resulted from a collaboration between Puccini, De Servi, Nomellini, Galileo Chini and the architect Vincenzo Pilotti.
Besides memorabilia, various items and portraits from the musician’s collection, it is possible to visit the rooms decorated by Galileo Chini, and the chapel decorated by Adolfo De Carolis — where the composer is buried together with his wife, his son and his daughter-in-law. The small garden, originally bordering the lake, inspired in its size and style by the rock gardens of Japan.

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