The Foundation is housed in the Villa Le Coste in Fiesole, once the residence of Primo Conti (1900–1988), who in 1980 turned it into a centre for research and documentation about the historic avant-garde movements.

The purpose of the Foundation is two-fold: on one hand the study and promotion of the artistic (painting and drawings) and literary (library and archives) heritage donated by the artist; on the other, to conserve and enhance every piece of documentary evidence to do with the period of the historic avant-garde movements. Both sections of the foundation work to this end: the archives on the first floor where there is a valuable library of rare publications as well as the extremely large archival collection, including documents relating to Conti, Papini and Pavolini; the Primo Conti Museum is on the ground floor where many paintings from his early years with Fauvist, Futurist and Metaphysical characteristics can be seen.

Open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, on Saturday, Sunday and afternoon groups only by appointment. English and French guide on request.

Ticket: € 3.00

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Via Giovanni Duprè 18, Fiesole Tel. (+39) 055 597095

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