The Museum of Satire and Caricature, founded in 1997 in the Fort of Leopoldo I, was inspired by the noted Premio Satira Politica, the prize for political satire set up by the Municipality of Forte dei Marmi in 1973, and still carried on.

The idea to conserve and display the history of satire and caricature here finds an outlet through the rotating exhibitions of a considerable heritage of original satiric drawings and the organization of temporary thematic shows focusing on Italian and foreign satiric authors and journals.

The museum collection has been formed through acquisitions also derived from the exhibitions held between 1980 and 1996, and donations by private citizens, as in the recent example of the Visacci (caricatural faces) by Mippia Fucini Catarzi.
The museum includes a research centre with specialist library, a video library and multimedia archive.

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Toscana '900Museo della Satira e della Caricatura