The Museo della Grafica [Museum of Graphic Art], situated since 2007 in Palazzo Lanfranchi and promoted by the City Council and the University of Pisa, conserves one of the most important Italian collections of graphic works of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In particular, it houses the University of Pisa’s Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe, a collection of drawings and prints set up in 1957 at the request of Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti who, in renewing his strong criticism of modernity, saw graphic art as a challenging field of expression for artists and of training for the students of the university.

The first donation, precisely in 1957, was that of the Fondo Sebastiano Timpanaro, composed of 1,000 folios by leading twentieth-century artists, including two nuclei of engravings by Giorgio Morandi and Luigi Bartolini.
The collection was then expanded with the addition of the works sent by artists following a campaign for donations, promoted by Ragghianti in 1958 (and which also brought the corpus of works by the Futurist architect Mario Chiattone), and the Fondo Argan, donated by the heirs of the critic, and consisting of 600 sheets illustrating the network of relations he wove with artists of his day. The museum is also a vibrant exhibition centre that hosts mainly monograph shows but also, periodically, events focusing more in depth on items in the collection.


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