The Civic Museum at Montopoli, inaugurated in 2004, features five diverse sections aimed at documenting the history of the area. Besides archaeological, architectural and palaeontological finds, the first floor has a picture gallery with works by local artists who worked between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

These are mainly post-Macchiaioli painters like Silvio Bicchi (1874–1948), noted for popular scenes done in tempera and pastels, a globe-trotting artist who lived in Montopoli from 1923 to 1936, and who promoted — among other things — the transformation of Milani ceramics into terracotta works of art, as illustrated in another section of the museum. Also on display are paintings by Menotti Pertici, Bicchi’s pupil, and by Mario Borgiotti (painter, collector and dealer in Macchiaioli paintings), as well as engravings by Paolo Ciampini.

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