The Fuchs’ (1936) sculptures are prodigious physical undertakings for the artist who has hoisted them tens of metres into the air in spite of the weight of iron in them, so as to create magical effects of dematerialization in their spindly appearance, so high up and mobile (the Great indicator reaches a height of 31 metres).

Other sculptures along the paths and across the grass are made of stone and wood. They are all camouflaged by their natural surroundings where they are almost imperceptible. They rise up everywhere like “planted” bushes — in the paddock, along the edges of the meadow and the planted fields, amongst the Mediterranean macchia that surrounds the Bavarian artist’s home and studio.

Fuchs started installing them in 1996 with the idea of creating an itinerary in the woods where a dialogue might be set up in close harmony between art and nature. In addition to the high mobiles that emit a metallic rustling as they fluctuate in the wind (for example the Uccello del vento [Wind bird] and Visita dell’extraterrestre [Extraterrestrial visitor]), there are sculptures in the garden and others arranged in a room set up as a music room, where Fuchs turns them into musical instruments.
The sound comes out as if it were the sculpture’s voice and is attuned to the sounds of the woods that extend around the property for 12 hectares.

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