Housed in the seventeenth-century wing of Palazzo Pitti, known as the Palazzina della Meridiana, the Costume Gallery is accessible from the palace or from the Boboli Gardens.

Founded in 1983 as a result of major acquisitions and public and private donations, today it boasts a collection of more than 6,000 objects that make it one of the most important fashion museums in the world. It traces the history of fashion from the sixteenth century to the present day, with dresses and accessories designed by the major Italian and international designers.
For the twentieth-century section, alongside the complete wardrobes of famous personalities such as Eleonora Duse, there is also a major collection of costumes made for cinema and the theatre, including a substantial contribution by Umberto Tirelli.
Tirelli was the founder of a famous theatrical costumiers. Dresses and accessories are exhibited in rotation to better conserve the fragile garments.

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