In 1983 the Centro di Promozione Artistico-Culturale (Ce.Pa.C.) of Prato, the local Information Office of Luicciana, and the Town Council of Cantagallo, joined forces to periodically arrange a collective show in which artists are called upon to take part by executing paintings and sculptures on the facades of the buildings of Luicciana, and in public places, in order to renovate and improve the village and its natural and artistic setting in the upper Bisenzio valley.

The group of works on display in the interior of the Palazzo Comunale together with those of “open-air museum” is therefore the result of these exhibitions, and features works by Prato artists and masters of international fame. At the end of the 1990s, the project grew and came to include installations by Maurizio Faggi, Vittorio Corsini, and Tom Claassen, and in 2008 environmental works by Giuliano Mauri.

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