The collection occupies the upper floor of Palagio Fiorentino, rebuilt in mediaeval style in the early twentieth century on the site of an earlier residence of the Conti Guidi.

The idea of a collection of twentieth-century art in a small town in the foothills initially came from art collector Vicky Galati Indelli, who gifted the core collection of paintings and sculptures that were added to by other gifts. The collection currently comprises about 200 works of art, mainly by Tuscan artists (with a prevalence of Florentine artists including Vinicio Berti, Enzo Faraoni, Gualtiero Nativi) working in the second half of the century.

There is however no lack of non-Tuscan artists such as Ernesto Treccani, Felice Carena, Salvatore Fiume and Pietro Cascella.
From the first half of the century there are drawings by Rosai and Sironi and portraits by Osvaldo Peruzzi and Libero Andreotti.

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