The historic museum house and atelier of Sigfrido Bartolini (1932–2007) brings together his occupations as artist, collector and writer.

The rooms illustrate Bartolini’s passion for Classical antiquity through numerous plaster casts, which are mixed with samples of folk-styled terracotta works, collected as an aid to the real and primitive sensibility of his own monotypes, xylographs and clean and essential landscape view-paintings.
“My home is like one of my pictures, I know it brush-stroke by brush-stroke”, wrote Bartolini in his diary Disperata felicità (1954–2004): the tools and presses allow the visitor to indulge in the illustrated tale of Pinocchio; the works hanging on the walls by Sironi, De Chirico, Soffici, and Viani, to understand the company the master kept — the copious evidence of it all, preserved too in the library and in the archive.

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