The Foundation was set up in 1982 by Giovanni Michelucci (1891–1990), the Tuscany Region and the municipalities of Fiesole, Pistoia and Florence, to “contribute to the study of and research in contemporary and modern architecture, and the problems of social infrastructure in particular.”

It can today be described as an original and well-established reference resource for research on the social habitat and the relationship between space and society. Since its inception, the foundation has provided a platform for discussing various topics to do with architecture and contemporary town planning, developing lines of research to enhance these topics through meetings, debates, exhibitions, publications, conferences, seminars, and studies. Photographs, projects, drawings, works of art and furnishings by Michelucci and from his collection are available to view or for consultation.

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Via Beato Angelico 15, Fiesole Tel. (+39) 055 597149

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