Giovanni Pascoli transferred to Barga, in the village of Castelvecchio on the slopes of Mount Caprona in 1895, and lived there till his death in 1912.

The eighteenth-century residence is today a historic house museum open to the public, maintaining unaltered its appearance at the time of the poet. I
n the interior, apart from furnishings, books and many everyday objects, the walls feature paintings by Antonio De Witt, Plinio Nomellini, Alberto Magri, Tullo Golfarelli, Vico Viganò, and Attilio Pratella.
Adjacent to the house is the chapel frescoed by Adolfo Balduini, with an ark by Leonardo Bistolfi housing the tombs of Pascoli and his sister Maria.

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Colle di Caprona 6, Castelvecchio Pascoli, Barga Tel. (+39) 0583 766147

Toscana '900Casa Museo di Giovanni Pascoli