Founded in 1769 by Maria Teresa Cybo, the Accademia di Belle Arti of Carrara is one of the great historic academies of Italy. Its impressive plaster cast gallery, with works by Antonio Canova, Bertel Thorvaldsen, and Lorenzo Bartolini, is displayed in the Academy’s main building, Palazzo Cybo Malaspina, while plaster works by Carrara masters from the 1800s can be seen in Palazzo Binelli.

The remodelling of 2014 recreated the exhibition plan of Adolfo Angeli, president of the Academy, who led a far-reaching restoration of the building and adjacent fortress between 1924 and 1936, while also encouraging acquisitions of twentieth-century works. Among these are Cavallino [Colt] by Arturo Dazzi, Cristo [Christ] by Carlo Fontana, and La confessione [Confession] by Arturo Tosi. The most recent addition to the collection is Column Lost for Love, made and donated by Ettore Spalletti.

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