Museums, exhibitions and events

A project dedicated entirely to the art of the 20th century in Tuscany: exhibitions and events, but also a guide and a multimedia application for telling the story of a region and of a century through a thousand voices.

Over 100 museums, 14 main events and 18 side events, all for a single promotional initiative that involves the significant places of 20th-century art in Tuscany.

Plus, 22 leading museums in 22 municipalities in Tuscany, all unified by being open on Saturdays and Sundays; and by a pass that entitles the holder to discounts or free admission at the participating locations. The Pass network includes not only museums but also participating hotels, guided tours and educational activities, workshops, itineraries and a large number of side events.

To find out more, visit the sections on EVENTS AND EXHIBITIONS, PASSES AND DISCOUNTS and EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES in this site.


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